Behind The Scenes

Get behind the scenes and peek into the world of 3D engraving.
Check out the interesting process of how we are turning a simple 2D photo into 3D photo crystal.

2D to 3D

 We are a team of 3D expert designers. What we do is we take the 2D image, and then we extrude features like hats or your nose.
Our team also able to do some amazing photo modification, such as removing glasses, smooth out skin, change hair lenght, sharpen image, or even make you thinner !
The idea is that we create a 3D objective of the photo, and then we move onward to creating a point cloud file. From there, we will continue with the crystal design.

3D Laser Engraving

Designing the crystal is a great experience that’s easy to customize. We can add images and text if you want, we can even add paw prints so you can connect with your beloved pet if you want. When we have all of that, we will transfer the point cloud file into a dedicated software that will control the laser machine.

The machine will follow the instructions, and it will make tiny cracks in the desired format. The process will be repeated until we reach the desired format.

This machine that works with two lasers, and where the 2 laser meets it simply forms a tiny crack and the laser repeats that trough 2 to 4 million times and it’s the tiny crack that actually make up the image in the crystal for your final product.

Once the process is completed, our team will make sure that there are no cracks which can lead to long-term damage. We provide a luxurious gift box for all of our products. If you want, you can also add an LED light base that offers an entirely new layer to the entire experience.


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